Content is All!!

The success of your marketing effort depends on the quality of your content. Our content writers are highly creative, experienced, and natives to the target culture, community and audience, and our service vary from single piece of writing to a comprehensive content and branding strategy. Get dedicated content writers for your brand, with a meticulous quality assurance process.

Strategic Value for Money

Our service concept combines customer psychology analysis, market research, strategic vision, SEO and branding. We are goal oriented, and we make sure that every penny you spend would have a strategic value.

What We DO?

From Websites to Newsletters. From brochures, PPC ads and press releases to emails !!

Our job is to design and communicate your message effectively, through crafting words into fresh, relevant and engaging content. A simple, memorable, succinct and easy-to-read content would help you steer the social media and dominate screens and prints. Good copy would help you motivate, inspire, persuade, impress and resonate with your audience. Get a great copy that speaks to your customers in the right tone of voice for your brand.

High Quality

  • Professional native copywriters
  • 100% fresh Content
  • SEO Friendly Content

Fast & Affordable

  • Discount for long-term projects
  • Rate starts from $0,04
  • 24 hour average turnaround

Easily Accessible

  • Order online 24/7
  • Any format (doc, pdf, xls, etc.)
  • Register and follow up progress in real time

Professional Content Writers

Professional copy-writing service in 10 languages

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Technical Translation

We have professional translators with technical background to ensure highest level of quality and accuracy.

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Financial Translation

Our financial translators are well versed in the financial sector and can professionally transfer your content across languages while maintaining the right terminology, tone and style.

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Medical Translation

Lingodan has a team of doctors of medicine who are also professional linguists and translate medical materials into their native languages.

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Legal Translation

Lingodan translates all types of legal and financial documents, including contracts, affidavits, court documents, laws and legislations, court expert reports, financial statements, etc.

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Commercial Translation

Lingodan translates your commercial materials to communicate with international customers. We translate your case studies, brochures, website, commercials, postings, etc.

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Website Translation

Lingodan helps your business to go global by translating your website content into different languages.

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Text Proofreading

We proofread your texts and tackle any issues with grammar, style, syntax, formatting, technical jargon, adaptation to the target culture and native expression of thoughts.

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Copywriting is our job. We design and communicate your message effectively, through crafting words into fresh, relevant and engaging content.

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