Technical Translation

We have professional translators with technical background to ensure highest level of quality and accuracy.

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Legal Translation

Lingodan translates all types of legal and financial documents, including contracts, affidavits, court documents, laws and legislations, court expert reports, financial statements, etc.

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Medical Translation

Lingodan has a team of doctors of medicine who are also professional linguists and translate medical materials into their native languages.

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Financial Translation

Our financial translators are well versed in the financial sector and can professionally transfer your content across languages while maintaining the right terminology, tone and style.

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Website Translation

Lingodan helps your business to go global by translating your website content into different languages.

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Text Proofreading

We proofread your texts and tackle any issues with grammar, style, syntax, formatting, technical jargon, adaptation to the target culture and native expression of thoughts.

Professional translation service in 40 languages and over 20 sectors

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Lingodan offers professional translation service in over 20 sectors, including legal, commercial, medical and financial translation. Our services are ideal for a wide variety of projects, from simple texts to highly technical documents. Our translators are qualified natives of the target languages, and we have a three-phased quality assurance process and continuous commitment to our clients’ satisfaction.
For complex and long-term projects, we have a professional client account management, create a special translation memory (TM) for each client and assign professional linguists who will be dedicated and attuned to your projects. All your documents and information are treated with absolute confidentiality.

  • Special Account & Translation Memory

    We dedicate a special account manager and Translation Memory (TM) for customers with long-term or regular projects

  • Any Format

    Get your final text in any file format

  • Confidentiality & Security

    Information and documents of our customers are handled and maintained in strict confidentiality during and after service delivery

Our professional translation and interpreting services promise to bridge the gap and assist your business to flourish and expand to new horizons while creating a sound brand image that stands out from the rest. Our translation and business experts will guarantee that your brand is well received by the market and that the door to international recognition is opened. With over 10 years of experience we cover a broad range of services and are experts in our fields.

We offer certified translation services to dozens of customers on a daily basis, and we will always seek to save you any unnecessary expenses. Our certified and notarised process comply with the requirements of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We provide certified translations of all types of documents in over 20 sectors, including legalfinancialcommercialtechnical and medical translation sectors.

High Quality

  • Qualified native linguists and professionals
  • More than 20 fields of expertise
  • Extra Proofreading Options

Fast & Affordable

  • 10% discount for over 10,000 word projects
  • Rates from $0.077 per word
  • 24 hour average turnaround

Easily Accessible

  • Order online 24/7
  • Any format (doc, pdf, xls, etc.)
  • Register and follow up progress in real time

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